Samsung Galaxy S7 Could Have 3 Different Versions [Rumor]

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    If the latest intel regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7 is accurate, then we could end up with three different versions that have three different processors. Supposedly, Sammy is planning a version of the Galaxy S7 that will be separate for India than for the rest of the world, and will have its own chipset.

    Here's a breakdown of the various chipsets that will supposedly differentiate these three Galaxy S7 models:
    1. China and the US will get a Galaxy S7 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC
    2. Korea, Japan, and the European markets will get a Galaxy S7 with the new Exynos 8890 M1
    3. India will get a Galaxy S7 with the Exynos 7422 chipset
    Of course, take these rumors with a grain or three of salt. (See what we did there?) Until Samsung finalized things with their supply chain, this intel is subject to instant shame (and change) without notice.

    The only other rumor worth spreading regarding the Galaxy S7 is that we have heard multiple sources claim that Sammy plans to bring the microSD slot back. Considering the battery will not be removable, we aren't taking too much stock in this one either.

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    Source: SamMobile
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    Looking forward to the European Exynos version.
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