Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Trounces the iPhone 6S Plus Camera

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    The latest results of testing between the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6S Plus are in from the photog expert site, DxOMark. It turns out that the camera in the Samsung device handily beats the one found in the iPhone.

    Here's a quick quote:

    "Achieving a DxOMark Mobile Score of 88 points the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge ranks in 1st place on the current DxOMark Mobile database. Featuring a 12Mp rear facing camera and 2160p@30fps video module, Samsung’s latest flagship Smartphone is a great proposition for mobile photography enthusiasts. The 26mm f/1.7 lens delivers very accurate and repeatable exposures, which helped the S7 edges achieve an outstanding Exposure & Contrast score of 90 during our tests. In fact, even in tricky high contrast scenes, it captures great exposures thanks to its built-in auto HDR feature, making it a great choice for landscape or backlit photography. The modest 12Mp resolution also ensures a good compromise between noise and detail on the S7 edge, which secures excellent DxOMark Mobile scores of 91 for Texture and 89 for Noise."

    Source: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Mobile Review: A new champion | DxOMark