Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Spotted with Gold Case

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    After the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (Galaxy F) was pictured and leaked beside the Samsung Galaxy S5--sporting slim bezels and a wider screen than the flagship phone--a new image has been spotted, this time with the device in flashy gold.

    @evleaks has managed to provide the image, where you can see the golden back case of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (Galaxy F). What's also noticeable about the new image is that the device is sporting very slim bezels, another potential proof that the 5.3-inch display is really coming without pushing the size of the phone compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5.
    The golden back of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (Galaxy F) looks like a brushed metal finish, again hinting at the possibility that the device is the promised premium model coming out from the South Korean company.


    When it comes to the legitimacy of the leak, Android Police does point out that the image shows "September 12, Wednesday," which is a wrong date when going by the calendar. Aside from the wrong date, there's also the fact that the date comes after the IFA Berlin show, where Samsung has usually showcased a lot of its anticipated handsets.
    Again, for now, the newest image of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (Galaxy F) should be looked at with caution, until Samsung does announce the official news.

    Source: Int'l Business Times

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