Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Could Arrive with 3-Sided Wrap-Around Flexible Display

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    In our previous story, we shared some new intel straight from the horse's mouth over at Samsung regarding the Galaxy S5. The same Samsung executive, Lee Young Hee, had some choice things to say about the next generation Galaxy Note device as well. According to Hee, the Galaxy Note 4 could use Samsung's new flexible Youm display tech and also feature a 3-sided, wrap-around display. Here's a quote with more of the details,

    There isn't much else to go on, but it's about as official a you can get without a press event announcement. Of course, it could just be a bit of marketing PR hype, so we should temper our enthusiasm. It's becoming increasingly difficult for mobile OEMs to keep upping the ante in the features and functions department.

    Source: Bloomberg
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