Samsung Facinate vrs DROID LINE

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    My expiernce with a smart phone started in September of last year. Had not issues until a few months back.
    Called My cell company Verizion, who the tech rep was the best. They sent me out a :motdroidvert:2 which I must say :heart: it.
    I think , it is much faster, and has better features. Now, I just intruduced my husband to the :motdroidhoriz: 3. He is enjoying that so much, for someone who never wanted a cell phone, to some one who also never wanted a smart phone.
    Boy, did I bring him up to speed fast. We both our enjoying out phones. I do not think I will ever by a different brand of phone again. We will stick with the droid line.Question though, what will be new in 2012 for the droid? Just :heart: our :motdroidvert: ,:motdroidhoriz: (droids)