Samsung Droid Music Player 5.0

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by Cattledog1969, Dec 14, 2011.

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    I looked at one of these Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 the other day and wanted to know why I should buy one. Its basicaly a droid phone without the phone feature.

    I use my Bionic for alot of stuff, music, videos, photos, notepad, email, web surfing, navigation, Facebook ect. the list goes on.

    Other than the Grande 5" touch screen, why would I need this thing? Its advertised as a music player, but the last 5 phones I've owned are MP3 players too.

    The camera is a 3.2 MP on the rear, so its not as good as my DB or a real camera.

    I'd still have to get a 32 Gig Micro SD Card becuase no devices out there support the 64 Gig SDXC Micro SD Cards, which is a total mystery to me but thats another topic.

    I would like to get a tablet of some type, but I dont want anything that big and clunky. This 5" screen is a perfect size for me, small enough to carry and big enough to view.

    My concern is that if I get it, soon afterwards, possibly just weeks, someone will come out with a 1.5 Ghz Dual Core device running on ICS with the same 5" screen.

    Does anyone own one of these things? And has anyone heard of anything just like it but more powerful coming out soon?
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    Don't own one yet, but will after Christmas. I don't use my phone for a media player and I hate itunes so I'm getting one for my main media needs. lt
    looks like it'll kill an ipod.