Samsung dodged one?

Discussion in 'Tech News' started by pc747, Oct 30, 2016.

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    If you are Samsung then you are having one heck of a time. This year's best device has went up in smoke (both literally and figuratively). And with it brought a lot of issues in the form of bad publicity as well as financial losses.

    But if there is one thing to hang your hat on, if you are Samsung, would be the fact that no other manufacturer managed to produce a device that would make people forget about the note 7. In fact if you look at the devices that could have most taken advantage of this (LG V20 and Google Pixel), their shortcomings remind people how awesome the note 7 was.

    Yes Google brought awesome software and hardware synergy in the pixel, but failed to produce a device that could compete on the same playing field.

    The more I look at the pixel the more I ask what about it is worth the price. Yes build quality is nice but not a game changer. Google assistant is cool but Google now is on par with it. Software is running near flawless, but Google should be kicking that same software experience to their other devices. And if they are not it will make me leery of buying a future phone.

    So if you set aside our love for Google devices, are you still willing to justify the price?

    Better question is if this have been something other than Google (ie HTC or Apple) would we be cutting them as much slack as we are Google?

    Yes it's nice to finally have a Google phone that can lead in the camera department, but where are the rest of the features that set it apart from the competition?

    Look I still feel Google deserves a welcome to the big boy table, but they still have a ways to go before sitting at the head seat.

    Meanwhile Samsung have to be happy they are still within striking distance. And Nexus/Google phone fans are feeling like a football fan that just watch their qb slightly over throw the receiver who had steps on the qb with a guaranteed touchdown. It was so close....ahhhh. That opportunity won't come again.

    So Google if you want to compete on the level of Apple and Samsung, as well as charge high dollar, then you can't be holding back.

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