Samsung allegedly says fog inside the Galaxy Note 20's camera is normal, according to one user

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    The recently announced Galaxy Note 20 has launched in Korea, unsurprisingly finding much popularity immediately following release. However, some users of the device are apparently unhappy with the device, which may have a serious flaw in the camera system.

    As it stands, the issue does not seem to directly impair camera function, but it still renders any photos taken virtually unusable, as can be seen in the example photo below. The problem, if widespread and not a few isolated cases, is even more serious when considering that it affects all of the phone's lenses and cannot be solved by software updates.

    One major point to note is that these reports are not yet officially substantiated. Samsung has not acknowledged the issue on any of its official platforms, and the alleged reply from the company is also yet to be confirmed.

    Hopefully this does not happen in all the Note 20 Ultra phones and this is the only incident!