Samsung 9ch-1510 screen capture

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    Samsung 9ch-1510
    How to screen capture. Press and hold the back button and then press the home button for all screens except for text. To capture text you must start on the New Message screen for texting, not on the actual conversation of texts you are attempting to capture. While on the New message screen press and hold down the back button, then touch on the person of the text conversation you want to capture. Don't quit holding down the back button...after selecting the desired person the screen will then go to the actual text conversation. Now, keep holding down the back button and use your other hand to scroll through the text messages taking screen captures as desired. To capture, just press the home button. If you continue to hold down the back button there is no need to repeat except to push the home button for capture of the text as you scroll up and down. Very easy once you know how.