same old connection error problems

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    I have a droid. I have been to several verizon wireless stores for help. I have searched the forums and etc. I want to know if this is my only alternative.
    To send an email:
    1. I have to remove my verizon email from the phone.
    2. I have to turn off the phone.
    3. Disengage the battery for a couple of minutes.
    4. Put the battery back in
    5. Turn on the phone
    6. Go and re-enter all the verizon email info for a new account
    7. write my email and send.

    This will send one email. Then I must go through all the steps again if I want to send another one. Surely, I am missing something. This can't be the only solution to this problem. Is everyone else going through all this just to send an email. Any and all help would greatly be appreciated.
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