Safestrap Flashable 4.4.2 Update For the ATT Moto X! and Root!

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    Android 4.4.2 has made its way to the ATT Moto X, but if you are currently running a custom recovery you won't be able to accept the ota update as it will not flash properly unless a stock recovery is present. No worries you can still run the latest ota update on your Moto X. Developer "kemonine96" has released a version of the 140.44.5 ota update that can be flashed in Safestrap. You should backup your device completely before attempting this and you should also be able to use RSDlite. You will not be able to restore your phone to a 4.2.2 nandroid backup or Rom once you flash the 4.4.2 rom. Trying to revert back to a 4.2.2 nadroid backup or rom will result in an endless boot loop. However you will be able to flash a 4.2.2 stock image in RSDlite.

    Instructions to install this rom follow every step...

    1. You need to be rooted on 4.2.2 with Safestrap installed
    2. Boot into Safestrap Recovery
    3. Factory Reset the STOCK Slot in Safestrap
    4. Flash the rom zip to the STOCK Slot (this will take a couple minutes)
    5. Once the rom has finished flashing reboot to Bootloader within Safestrap
    6. Unzip the "Moto X Kernel and Radio"
    7. Open the extracted folder and find the FlashMyMotoX.bat and run it
    8. Plug your Moto X via usb cable into your computer the phone should say usb connected now
    9. Choose option 6 within the FlashMyMotoX utility then hit enter it will flash the KitKat Kernel
    10. Once it finishes get back to the options and choose option 7 this will flash the KitKat Baseband
    11. Once it finishes succesfully unplug your usb cable and reboot the phone
    12. Enjoy KitKat!
    13. Reinstall SafeStrap apk if desired.

    Grab the downloads needed from the Rootzwiki thread.
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