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    I just bought the S10-HD and wanted to post a review since I found it hard to find info on headsets, but also have a question. First off, it's comfortable for a 6 ft. guy, sounds good and the range is actually very good. I walked at least 30 feet and it stayed connected. By the way, I first had it on upside down which sort of worked but was uncomfortable, make sure you have the MOT logo facing up.

    The problem is that i use the rhapsody phone app on the Droid-X. I went on a 10 mile bike ride (it does fit under a helmet) and I continually lost the connection, which then pauses rhapsody. I finally got used to where the play button is on the headset so I could re-start rhapsody without having to stop and take the phone out of the clip. At one point the play button turned on the droid-x native player, which does NOT have this problem of being disconnected. I couldn't find anything in google related to S10-HD rhapsody and the connection. Has anyone else had these issues?
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