S-Off Your HTC Phones Before Updating To 6.0!

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    TheRootNinja is the team behind S-Off and bootloader unlocks for most modern HTC devices and some Motorola handsets. They are most well known for their Sunshine S-Off development. They tweeted today that if you are looking to S-Off an HTC device you should do so prior to updating to 6.0.

    They have not said that S-Off is impossible after updating, but it seems that obtaining S-Off on an HTC device running Marshmallow may be more than a thought. I have faith that JCase and team will be able to figure it out. They like to under promise and over perform, but we may not see an S-Off method for Marshmallow for a while which is probably why they are urging folks to do this prior to making the jump to 6.0.

    via @TheRootNinja
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