Running Liberty v.9 on D2, cannot get phone to function properly

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by brendankruse, Jul 14, 2011.

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    I just upgraded my phone to Gingerbread, and installed Liberty Rom v.9. Was running fine and then I went to the liberty customizer and reset after I made changes. Since then I cannot get it to load properly. As soon as I boot up I get to the lock screen and then all these apps try to force close continually i can never get to the screen behind. I had a backup on my sd card (or thought I did) and can't find it. When I try to reload the rooted gingerbread, it gets to the very end of the install and then fails and says 'status 7'

    Not sure how to fix this. Also, important I might have went in and deleted a bunch of things on the SD card I was not suppose to. I deleted a bunch of folders belonging to certain apps, and that is probably why I am getting the continual force closes. Anyone know how to go in an delete those apps all together so them closing is not an issue?

    When I boot reload I used to be able to get to the CWM recovery now I am getting the "android system recovery" which has far less options. When I try to install any zips from here it says

    Please any help anyone could give would be greatfully appreciated. I am thinking if there is a way to ensure that my CWM as opposed to Android System Recovery, that would be helpful. And then once that's done, maybe I can get a copy of a nandroid backup, to reflash, to get it up and running again. ANY ideas or suggestions please! Thanks!