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    'Sup everyone.

    I was able to purchase a Droid after my wife lost a bet to me.

    For months on end I've been looking for any rumors indicating that Verizon and Apple were getting in bed together. Of course, that's all it was. Rumors. But then I caught wind of Apple signing a contract with a carrier in Europe who was partnered with Verizon which suggested that Apple was no longer a one carrier player.

    I was hopeful. I was going to holdout 'til August or weeks leading up to August and see if Apple was going to sign with someone besides AT&T or switch carriers all together. I refused to switch over to AT&T because they do not cover areas that Verizon does.

    Well, after months of criticism from consumers on Verizon's lack of sexy phones, they've played their hand and put all of their chips and faith in Motorola's Droid. When I first saw this I was still hopeful that Verizon could sign with Apple, but then I had to face reality when I read somewhere that Verizon was launching it's largest and most expensive ad campaign on the Droid.

    They are determined this phone will be equal to the task when compared to the iphone. So I started doing some research on this phone and was pleasantly surprised at it's capabilities. Sure, the media player isn't itunes and it lacks the gazillion apps that the iphone has, but it's new.

    I've given in. I marched right up to a nearby Verizon store and bought the Droid last night. I've played around with it and now have a raging boner over this smartphone. I'm geeked to say the least.

    I've got lots to learn. Hopefully, the open source platform will have developers giddy with the Droid's endless possibilities.

    I'll be perusing the website to see what everyone has found out about this phone ths far. Thanks to whomever already set up this mb. Props.
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    !!! Welcome to the Party "Rumps" here at DroidForums

    Love your story, Always nice winning the bets with the little woman :p I am sure you are going to enjoy your new DROID, and we hope you enjoy the help that DroidForum can provide. Don't be shy either, jump right in and enjoy !