[Rumors] LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Likely to be First Phones with 3GB Ram

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    If you were wondering when smartphones would hit the 3GB of RAM threshold, then your answer is "very soon." Supposedly, a couple of tips indicate the new flagship device from LG, the G2, and the new phablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 3, will both come equipped with 3GB of RAM. If true, both of these devices will be the first mobile phones to incorporate that much RAM. Both devices are expected to come with Snapdragon 800 processors, so that amount of RAM shouldn't be hindered by slow processing.

    We aren't sure why these device were chosen to have that much RAM, nor if it will actually make much of a difference in performance, but it will be interesting to see regardless. Ultimately, the primary benefit of extra RAM will simply be an increased ability to multitask more.

    Hmmm... perhaps they should work on some biological RAM that we can implant into our heads so humans can multitask more. I could certainly use an upgrade to get everything done in the day. ;)

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