[Rumor] New Leaked Images Show Off Shiny M8 Device from HTC

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Feb 17, 2014.

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    If the above images are legitimate, then the new HTC M8 could have an impressive looking stainless steel/brushed metal aesthetic to the outer case. We have to admit, here at DF HQ, many of us are drooling over the shiny new look. It will probably be a fingerprint magnet (although there are ways around that), but it definitely makes an impression when you view it.


    There's no other intel to go with these leaked pics which would indicate whether there will be more than one style/design of the phone. As we have seen from previously leaks, this device retains the dual front facing stereo speakers that truly defined the HTC One. The second picture is a render from a Russian website based upon their own "leaked" information. As you can see it closely resembles these pics, so it could be secondary corroboration of the real device, or it could be two lies supporting each other.

    We will keep you updated if any further proof either confirms or denies these pics.

    Source: AndroidAuthority
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