[Rumor] Leaked Specs for MWC Phones - Galaxy S2, HTC Desire HD2, Desire2, Wildfire2

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Feb 11, 2011.

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    A retail spec sheet was recently leaked by the UK retailer, Expansys on several new phones that are set to be demonstrated at MWC. Interestingly, the retailer tried to squelch the leak by contacting the original source of the story, PocketNow. Expansys told them, "The alleged leaks of information are nothing more than speculatively populated product holding pages, created and designed for internal use only...we do not have full details of the specific products mentioned." They also added, "investigating how this information has entered the public domain." From the looks of some of these specs, it is entirely possible that Expansys is being honest, as some of these specs go against what previous reports have indicated for these phones. Regardless of the validity of the info, it makes for interesting conversation in the forums, so here are the specs: (above is a pic of one of the 'leaked' spec sheets)
    It's of particular interest to note the Samsung Galaxy S2 using a dual-core Qualcomm processor, and the HTC Desire HD2 uses the same chip... Odd. Also, all the phones conspicuously have only 512 MB of Ram. Even if some of the details turn out to be false, the skeleton of these devices gives us a rough idea. Obviously, in less than a week will should find out for sure at MWC, but it's always fun to speculate. If any or all of these turn out to be true, are any of these phones worth your time? Do you think this 'leak' is bogus or 'for real'? For more pics of the other leaked spec sheets, click our internal link, here.

    Source: AndroidPolice via PocketNow
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    If the Galaxy S2 actually looks like that concept picture floating around... I'm getting it. Best looking phone I've ever seen if true.
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    Every phone I've seen continues to leave me wanting (read: lacking). LTE and, if not 1gig ram, something more than 512 are deal breakers, as is dual core. The hi-res screen maybe not as much, if I were to actually compare side-by-side I doubt I'd notice hardly any difference.

    I love the specs on the Desire 2, but I doubt it will be LTE and then the 8 gigs on-board...why? Seems trivial, but with several others having 16gigs on-board, why not? Believe me, I'll have no problems finding uses for the extra storage, if for no other reason than I might back-up some critical computer files on it.
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