[Rumor] Leaked Pic from Samsung Galaxy S5 Suggests 16MP Camera Confirmation

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Feb 18, 2014.

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    Of course we all know that EXIF data can be manufactured/faked, so this story qualifies as a rumor. If this intel is real, then it seemingly confirms that some variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a 16MP camera as previous rumors have suggested. The source is very solid, coming from @evleaks himself. He isn't immune to the occasional mistaken intel, but his excellent track record speaks for itself.

    The full resolution of the picture is 5318x2988 pixels which is what shows us a 15.9MP shot (effectively 16MP). This seems to confirm rumors about a 16MP camera and refute rumors regarding a 20MP shooter. There have been rumors that Samsung plans to launch a "Prime/premium" version of the SGS5, so who knows how this will all turn out? We should know all the juicy details next week!

    Source: @evleaks