[Rumor] Google May Team with HTC for 8-Inch Nexus Tablet; Could Be Google's Last

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    We've actually heard both of these rumors before, but this is supposedly "supply chain" intel which corroborates them. According to this newest report, Google is still considering teaming up with HTC on the next Android Tablet, which may be an 8-inch device. The second part of this rumor suggests that Google is considering eliminating the Nexus line of Android tablets altogether after this device.

    There are two reasons cited why Google is considering going with HTC instead of Asus for the next Nexus tablet. First, Google is supposedly looking for a new outer design for the Nexus tablet. Second, according to the report, Asus has not been very motivated to try and push the Nexus tablet line, but is instead trying to build up its own brand cache. Ironically, this is exactly what Google wanted. They specifically put restrictions on how Asus could push the Nexus line. This was meant to spur the company to create its own line of Android products.

    Apparently, Google's whole purpose with the Nexus tablets was simply to jump-start the industry so that Android tablets could compete effectively with the Apple iPad. Since that has been mostly successful, Google is considering pulling back to let the various OEMs run with the ball now. Asus is a good example of the outcome that Google was aiming for.

    Keep in mind that these rumors are coming from DigiTimes. They have a spotty record when it comes to the veracity of their rumors, but since we have heard this before it is worth revisiting.

    Source: DigiTimes
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    HTC tablet with speakers on the front? Please!! Hope it's not the last of the Nexus.