[Rumor] Galaxy S III Getting Jelly Bean By End of Q3; SGS2 and G-Note Soon After

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    Here's a more detailed follow-up article to one we shared previously. According to some more rumors that popped up on SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy S III will be getting Jelly Bean by the end of the third quarter. Supposedly, The test firmwares for the Galaxy S III have passed muster, and they are already working on a public version Jelly Bean updates for the SGS3. Once that is finalized and the agreement from Google is secured, it can proceed.

    This same rumor source indicated that the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Note are currently in testing for their Jelly Bean update. They expect it to be available not too long after it hits the SGS3. Separately, the Galaxy Note 2 will probably launch with Android 4.0 at first, but then get 4.1 a couple of months later. There is a slim possibility it will come with Jelly Bean, but that is unlikely, as its current test software is still based upon Android 4.0.

    Here's a quick and easy breakdown of these rumors:

    Samsung Jelly Bean updates. (NOT CONFIRMED BY SAMSUNG YET)
    • Galaxy S III – End Q3 begin Q4
    • Galaxy S II – Q4
    • Galaxy Note – Q4
    • Galaxy Note II – begin Q4
    Source: SamMobile
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