[Rumor] Asus May Finally Launch a Budget-Friendly $100 Dollar Tablet

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    Earlier in the year we heard several rumors that either Asus or Google or both might eventually try to release a $99 dollar tablet. Another rumor has cropped up suggesting the same thing, but this one comes alongside a Picasa picture that was supposedly uploaded from this tablet. As you can see in the pic above, the model number, ME370T, of this unlaunched tablet matches the model number that was previously reported to be the sub-100 dollar tablet.

    There is still no word whether this will be a Google Nexus device, or if Asus is simply launching their own separate budget tab to the masses. We are holding out hope that we will see this tablet announced at either CES or MWC early next year.

    Update: According to a report at Android Authority, this new tablet now has a pre-order page on a Russian retailer's website with more pics and specs. Here's a quote and a link:

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