[Rumor] Amazon Set to Launch Android-based Apple TV & Google TV Competitor in March

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Feb 21, 2014.

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    We have heard from many sources today regarding the new moves Amazon plans to make in the world of entertainment tech later on this year. The latest rumor indicates Amazon is ready to tackle the "TV" conundrum. Supposedly they will be launching their own Android-based Apple TV & Google TV competitor as early as March of this year.

    Rumors about this device have been spreading slowly for over a year now, but this is the first time we have heard a claim to a solid launch timeframe. More than likely, this Amazon TV set-top-box will use a forked version of Android, just as Amazon has done with their Kindle based tablets. This is likely a sharp move from Amazon, since it allows them a way to leverage their vast array of content providers and gives them another indirect and in-home retail outlet which draws customers into their ecosystem.

    We have also heard rumors not too long ago that Amazon is working on their own gaming console to compete with the PS4 and Xbox One. Is it possible that this set-top-box could do both TV and gaming, or do you think Amazon will keep them separate?

    Thanks for the tip, Jeffrey!

    Source: TheVerge