Rumor Alert - D2 to be discontinued?

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    We saw it happen to the D1 when the D2 was released. Now it appears that the D2 might share the same fate when the Droid World phone hits.

    "[Rumor] Droid 2 discontinued

    by brian

    Published on 09-19-2010 01:19 PM
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    This is just a rumor as right now, but the Droid 2 maybe discontinued when the Droid world edition comes out. This bring some concern because, I'm wondering if they will stop support on the original D2. Now this would make sence, because why have two of the same devices. So we will have to just wait and see . Bit most of all take this with a grain of sault. I know if I bought one I would be pretty up set about this to the point of almost returning the device.
    so what do you think free back welcome and complains.

    Source. BGR"

    Linkage: MyDroidWorld - [Rumor] Droid 2 discontinued

    EDIT: Or you can read the same thing in the D2 section. My bad.
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