Royal Mail Bans The Shipment Of Note 7 Devices

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    The Note 7 would be noticed industry wide as the device of the year if not for the unfortunate exploding batteries. Samsung took the high ground and decided to replace every Note 7 device that was sold. They could have taken care of all of this on a case by case basis and saved $1Billion. Now that the safe units have shipped this whole ordeal should be over for Samsung right? Well yesterday a suspicious report of a "safe" Note 7 catching fire on a plane emerged. There will be a full investigation of that situation and we will get answers eventually.

    UK's Royal Mail has decided to not take any chances. They will not allow anyone to ship a Note 7 device. Apparently the Post Office will be asking customers about the contents of their package and will then refuse to ship all Note 7 devices. Some of the post offices won't be accepting packages containing any Samsung device. Hopefully these restrictions will go away soon.

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