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    Okay I dont really have a question on how to root or install a rom or anything, I'm using latest version of adamz smoked glass rom. I am thinking to switch over to bugless beauty but it seems so much more complicated.

    How come you can upgrade a bugless beauty rom with an, and install a kernal with an When you install anything of an, does it not erase the last you installed? I just dont understand the concept. Once you install an, can you erase it from your sdcard and still have it function?

    I guess where I am getting at, is how many types of updates, can a do? The "rooting" that I installed that gave me superpermission, was that a kernal too? In adamz smoked glass rom that comes with overclocking, is it just a package deal with a rom AND a kernal? I feel like my heads gonna explode
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    the way i understand it is update zip is just a way to get something on the phone using nanodroid. ie meaning an update zip can do a wide variety of different things. doing multiple diiferent update zips wont erase the settings for the one before depending on what that update zip is for. so you could do a kernel update, and a theme update and all your setting should stay the same

    for a kernel pete only uses the 600 mhz kernel out of the box so if you want to oc more youd have to find a kernel for the ere25 rom. chevy has a good one that i use.

    also once done with an update zip you can erase it from the root of the sd without issue as long as you already installed it
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    I reccomend Chevy's kernels...

    And Pete's newest rom... [ROM 2.1 ERE25] Bugless Beast V0.4 Beta (3/4/10) this is version .5, based on ese53, an even better base than eres25.

    I could be wrong, but if you simply do an, you're only changing certain things (whatever is in the file to be installed will only replace corresponding files. It's an UPDATE, so it doesn't change EVERYTHING). If you do a nandroid install, you should wipe data and cache to have a clean install. That way, you can be sure to have a clean version of one rom without bits of the previous on top. A full wipe may only be necessary when going from a 2.0.1 rom to a 2.1 rom, but I think I'd do it just to be sure, then install the nandroid files (extract the file available for download into it's own folder who's name you'll recognize inside your nandroid folder on the phone, then do an advanced restore in sprecovery). can pretty mug do whatever it wants. It's just the name that is the same. Basically, is what the phone recognizes as an ota update. Since those are blocked, that's why you must "allow" before installing. The contents of the specific control what is changed about your phone. It's a universal name that tells the phone there's an update to the software and the contents tell the phone what to do/where to put them (to put it another way).

    Hope that clarifies something for you!