Rooting droid 2.2 build frg22d with ubuntu

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    I was asked to give more details on how I rooted my Motorola Droid 2.2 build FRG22D, using Ubuntu 10.04. So here are the steps I took.

    1. Go to the following tutorial:

    2. On your desktop create a folder and name it 'droid' (quotes indicate what to write do not include them) This is where we will place the files needed to root the phone.

    3. In the tutorials "list of things you're going to need:" click the link "sbf_flash" and download the file from the site and place it in the "droid" folder you created. Also grab "SPRecovery" from the link in #4 and "complete root" update file from #5 and save both to the "droid" folder.

    4. Open the droid folder and it should look like the picture below. Now right click the package and select "extract here". You will now have a file that ends with ...0.99.3b.sbf instead of .zip.

    5. Open a terminal on your computer. Type
    cd Desktop/droid/
    and press enter. Then type
    sudo chmod +x sbf_flash
    and press enter.

    6. Plug the USB cable into your phone and the computer.

    7. Add to your SD cards root as follows.
    A) In your phones drop down menu as pictured below, press "USB connected" and then press the "Turn on USB storage" button. The android turns from green to orange and you will see the file system mount on your desktop. This is your SD card.
    B) Drag from the "droid" folder to the SD card on the desktop. Open the SD card window on the desktop and find the file you just added. Right click the file and select "rename" and rename it to "" and press enter. Now close the window, right click the sd card and select "eject" and then press the "Turn off USB storage" button on the phone.

    8. We are ready to root the phone. Power off the phone like you normally do.

    9. Slide the phone open. Press and hold the up button on the dpad (up is towards the screen not the keyboard) and press and hold the power button at the same time. When the back light comes on release power button but keep holding the up button until you see the boot loader screen appear.

    10. Type the following into the terminal you opened earlier, but DO NOT PRESS ENTER yet:
    sudo ./sbf_flash MC1_A855_1282081087_Recovery-Only_SPRecovery_0.99.3b.sbf
    11. When you press enter in the terminal it will begin installing SPRecovery. When you see "REBOOTING" in the terminal, Immediately press and hold the up dpad button to re-enter the boot loader. If you miss this step the phone will reboot and the OS will start, meaning you need to start over at step 8. So go ahead and press enter in the terminal and be ready to press up on the dpad.

    12. You should now be in the boot loader screen again. If you are you have completed the Ubuntu unique steps to rooting your phone. Now go to step twelve of the detailed procedures in the tutorial I linked to in step 1.
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