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Rooted My Phone, and can't unroot!!! Help!!!

Discussion in 'Droid Rooted Help' started by Taco, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Taco

    Taco New Member

    Jun 26, 2010
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    New York
    I rooted my FRG01b stock Droid 1 using Universal Androot (stupidly) a few days ago. I just wanted to experience a few of the root apps to see if it was worth taking the dive and rooting using Motocache1's universal root guide.

    I enjoyed the features and was ready to go ahead and I used the "unroot" button on Universal Androot and it said I was successfully unrooted. Great, or maybe not so great. I rebooted and went into my app drawer to find Superuser still in there. I reopened Universal Androot and pressed the unroot button yet again. This time it says that I am unrooted. If so, how come I still have superuser permission on my phone?

    Next issue:

    I would really like to root my phone using Motocache1's guide located here:

    BUT I am worried that already having superuser on my phone will mess things up and I could possibly run into problems. Please help me out here!!!

    I realize I should have just done this to begin with, and well my lesson has been learned. Thanks for all of your time and all help is greatly appreciated!!!

    Could I just flash the BIG Frg01b file from the circus thread overtop my Frg01b? Is this possible, and if so would it clear superuser from my phone?

    Or could I put stock Frg22D on my phone, then push the Big frg01b file from the circus thread back to my phone? Or is this not possible?

    Or am I going to have to wipe and restart some how?
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2010
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