Rooted Droid - Screen Brightness Issue

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    EDIT: Problem solved. There's a new brightness adjustment icon that comes with the root package. I had to tap that, then go through the edit menu to tell that widget to not save the settings.

    I recently rooted my Droid. Somewhere in the process, I must have reset the brightness adjustment because now, when I turn the phone on (to check GMail, text messages, etc.), the screen goes dim. If I'm inside, I can see just enough to find the settings icon and tap through the menus to adjust the brightness. When I'm outside, however, the screen is so dim that I can't see anything. No matter how many times I manually adjust the brightness, the settings won't stick. When the backlight goes off, the brightness settings return to "default" and the next time I turn the backlight on it is too dim again. Does anyone know what is causing this, and how I can adjust it?
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