rooted, but everything is still a bit confusing

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    ok, i have read up on several threads, several guides, and all the terms; but im still not sure where to go with this all.

    for starters i want to tether wifi, so i downloaded an app, and it said it failed so check the logs. i checked the logs, but they need the pro version which im not getting. i read up and realized it may be disabled in the factory rom, and im looking forward to flashing new roms into my device.

    how do i do this safely? each outdated (all i could find) guide seems to differ in both programs, and techniques. i have titanium backup, and i backed up all my apps, i think thats all i need to do before i flash it?

    what else needs to be downloaded before im "ready" to start flashing? what else is my insurance? am i playing with folders while connected to my laptop, or am i just using these helpful apps to prepare everything?

    im running android 4.1.2 on my droid 4.

    im not sure where to begin looking for a custom rom either; i looked at the droid 4 subforum, and found one that seems to include the most, its called eclipse JB. but even after reading the details, im still not sure what differs from the stock rom, or other roms. im not sure what im going to see actually change from rom to rom.

    screenshots differ slightly, but half of that is configurable by default, so im a bit lost there.

    overclocking? how do i control that?
    battery life? how do i improve that?
    why did you guys root? what am i missing?

    EDIT: also, one of the guides said i have to be careful with restoring apps into new roms as some may not be too compatable with the saved data. how do i know what can and cannot be restored? am i fine doing the batch -> restore all? what are the parts i have to be careful with, and what are the parts i just click-click and call it a day?
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