Rooted .596 won't download from browser

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    I'm on rooted .596. Just installed it after being on cm7 for awhile.anyways.. I can't download anything.

    If I'm in the browser and hit a link to download it says "starting download" at the bottom. Then when I check on its progress it says download unsuccessful.

    I have plenty of space on my card. Tried reprogramming with *228.
    Rebooted... Nothing works.
    However, if I'm in rom toolbox pro and download a rom, say liberty .9 for example, it downloads fine. Thru that app. Just can't in the browser like a dropbox link or something... Ugh

    I'd really like to stay on .596 and try it out for awhile. Haven't even tried a rom yet!

    Edit: So on a whim I thought I'd try another browser... Dolphin.
    It worked!
    Explain this to me..
    Thanks anyway

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