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    so been rooted for two months , kinda sad i cant find anything else to do with it. but i was browsing around on the app store there is an app called rom toolbox, and it has the option to change the battery symbol on the status bar. would it even work on this phone? or would it screw something up? the main thing i want to do is change the way my satus bar looks. iv also discovered rom manager for this phone is pointless? and does anyone know of a screen shot app that doesn't require me to shake the phone or put a screen delay on it....? im also going to explore around on the phone to see what other stuff i can freeze without giving an error of some sort like possibly freezing the home app and using adw or go launcher as the complet replacement it seems when either of them are running the original home app is still running, ill give a list of all the pointless stuff you can remove without screwing the phone up soon. i think im done rambling about this now. lol
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