ROOT SafeRoot For Galaxy S4 VRUEMJ7, MK2, and Android 4.3

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    When Verizon released the latest 4.3 OTA Update for the VZW variant of the Galaxy S4 the blocked all previous methods for rooting this device. Casual had been ported over by Beanstown106 which had rooted previous versions of Android on this device, but after the release Beans placed a warning in BOLD RED CAPITAL letters stating that the use of the old Casual on this device with the latest firmware could possibly brick your device. Some have had success with the Kingo App, however if you want a tried and true root method you are in luck. Developer "k1mu" has released a Saferoot method for 4.3 on the Galaxy S4. This may actually work on several other devices, and versions of Android. The great thing about this method is that if for some reason the root exploit doesn't work it won't harm your phone in any way. There will be no evidence that the exploit had been tried on the device. This will NOT trip KNOX warranty flag.

    To use the Saferoot root method you will need to first be sure you have the usb drivers properly installed, enable usb debugging, unzip the saferoot file to your PC, double click the install.bat, enjoy your newly rooted device! This is a pretty straight forward method. Head to the description link for more information and the download link.

    Via XDA
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