Root Gone Wrong

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    Hi, my name is Steve and I own a Samsung Infuse 4G.

    Earlier this morning, I rooted my phone using the One-Click Root. It went successfully.
    After the root, I downloaded a ROM Manager because a thread in this forum required me to have one in order to install a Kardnel ( Couldn't be precise since this is my first time rooting and I couldn't access my phone anymore. ).
    When it asked me to reboot, I rebooted my phone and now it just gets stuck on the SAMSUNG welcome title.
    I couldn't access the ROM Manager through the title screen anymore because I tried unmounting the SD Card, the Data, the System, everything hoping that it's gonna fix my problem..

    Now, I'm stucked at my home screen, my SD Card, Data, System etc. are all unmounted. Could anyone please help me fix my phone?

    Your help will be much appreciated. :)

    - Steve
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