Root for .173 or do I need to RSD back to .744?

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR Hacks' started by FoxKat, Jan 21, 2012.

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    My first attempt to upgrade to .173 was a failure. It seemed to work but had NO Cellular, 3G or 4G communication, and GPS didn't work, however WIFI did. I had root in .748 originally but Voodoo Rootkeeper didn't work for me. I did get all the green lights to protect, and then turned off before upgrade but when .173 failed I had to RSD to .744 and lost root. I then did OTA to .748 but didn't root before. Tried to root .748 but it just wouldn't take after nearly 2 dozen attempts. Finally gave up and simply upgraded to .173. Question is, can .748 be rooted, or was I supposed to root .744 first, then use Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper?