Root Bounty Is Here For The Verizon and ATT Galaxy Note 4

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    Just a few weeks into the release of the Galaxy Note 4 and we already have a bounty thread for the Verizon and AT&T variants of the Galaxy Note 4. Bounty threads have been huge in attracting talented security experts to take a shot at cracking our devices. If you remember Geohot of Iphone and PS3 jailbreaking fame decided to take a look at the Galaxy S5 after the bounty surpassed @20k and pretty much instantly developed TowelRoot. Since then we have been able to maintain root through updates on this device. Hopefully this new bounty thread will be enough to get the right eyes focused on our fresh new device. So far this bounty has already reached $4240!

    It is crazy to think the bounty for this device is already this high. The bounty for the LG G3 reached $5k after a few months, before it finally received root. This device has knox built in and is a pretty secure device that should be difficult to crack. Only time will tell.

    Via XDA
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    What about TMO'S version?

    Nvrmd. Odin+cf Autoroot=win.
    Trips the flash counter and Knox, but that is a non-issue.
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