Root and Recovery for the Oppo N1

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    The Oppo N1 was released for the United States today, and if you dropped the $599 to order one the next thing you probably need to know is how to root and install recovery on your shiny new device. The Oppo N1 has been producing lots of buzz since it will be the first OEM device with the option to feature CyanogenMod out of the box. The CM option is not yet available but you can go ahead and install it on your own anyhow. To do that you will first need to be rooted and have a custom recovery installed. Before you begin you will need to have the Android SDK installed on your PC and be familiar with adb commands. TWRP Recovery is already available for the device. You will flash the TWRP recovery to your Oppo N1 then you will run the Oppown apk on your device, then simply install chainfire's SuperSU from the play store to your device. For full instructions and download links head to the source link below.

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