[ROOT] A Better LagFix (fstrim and filesystems tweaks utlity)

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    What is This and Where Can I Get It?

    This is a fstrim binary and script which attempts to run fstrim on all volumes that are able to be trimmed (think defragment). The LagFix app in the PlayStore wasn't helping as I hoped, so I wrote my own init.d script around my needs and thought I'd share it.

    A more thorough explanation can he found here on my XDA thread as well as the downloads. You can grab the binary wherever you'd like and don't need to use the fstrim binary I've linked to.

    The script ideally should be ran on boot so init.d is a great place for if. It can also be run manually, but you'll benefit more from running it after boot so that the filesystem's can be remounted without the 'discard' flag as well as a few other tweaks. Besides remounting the filesystems the script also runs fstrim on all mounted volumes that are compatible.

    Again, for a full explanation and for the links check out my thread on XDA here regarding the matter. This was written for and tested on the VS980, but is relevant for any G2. It can be used on other devices as well but do be sure that your device is compatible first, and you also might have to change some of the filesystem paths in the script to match yours.
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