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    this si what i had to do to root my droid x after the 621 upate took me a long time to locate everything but i have done it successfully people here it is :::

    i had to download umbutu windows varsion not a big os but working fine you will need a couple files one is called sbf_flash and the othe ris used to flash wiht is mb809-2.3.5.sbf you open umbutu and find terminal i just make a search and then i get into it in the terminal window you type this following
    chmod +x sbf_flash hit enter
    plug your phone in
    type sudo ./sbf_flash mb809-2.3.5.sbf
    it will ask for your password what ever you told umbutu to log in
    thats it let it go once this is done your phone will reboot takes time people just wait it out once that is done always do a data reset before loading makes it load easier not this is what i do first once phone is reloaded i hook it into my regualer computer and i root it using "gingerbreak" this one seems to work good once that is done i got get bootloader yes i paid for it but worth it and clockwork i install clockwork then i use bootloader to get into recovery mode once ther i can load the rom i want oh yes you have to make sure the rom is on your sd card now if you don't like the rom you have used you must start this process all over again only way i have done this so far you cna not reuse bootloader on it till you start from scratch it will not work once you load a new rom now this is all coming from a newbie but i have worked hard and long on this and done it several times because of that 621 update i do have all these files not sure where i got them all but i looked long and hard to get them they are out there my phone is working fine i have tried already the new ics out and it does work but ithought it was to glitchy need work still i have got the new muiu on it now loving it liberty would not load for me so put that away gets stuck in boot loop this is all trial and error if you mess up wiht a rom just start over again you can do it people

    "ph yes when you hook you phone into your comp;uter to break the 621 update you have to put it into boot thats the camera button vo;lume down button and power
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