Roolback from 2.3.3 on a Droid X2?

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    I clicked the wrong button the other day and my phone updated with the new OTA. Now I can no longer root my phone and there are several other items they have changed. most obvious is the blue signal strength meter instead of white which can not be seen in any kind of question is can the phone be reflashed with previous version? I went to the verizon store and he told me to go to motorola and go to the support and drivers section and download "motorloa application loader" and "2.2" You will have to talk to someone on chat there as the site is hard to navigate to get where you need to be. I tried this and the people there are in some other country I think and dont know anything they cant read in a journal manual. Any detailed help would be greatly appreciated.

    header should say Rollback :p
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