ROM Verizon Galaxy S5 SlymHyde Release 11.2

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    The Galaxy S5 still does not have proper bootloader unlock or a true custom recovery. However thanks to the work of developer Hashcode we do have safestrap which allows us to bypass the locked bootloader and install a custom rom. This does require that you have an external sdcard. We are still unable to install custom kernels and AOSP with Safestrap, but can install Touchwiz based roms. There are currently 3 stand out roms on the Verizon Galaxy S5. One of those roms is the SlymHyde rom which has reached the 11.2 build.

    The first thing that most developers will do with custom roms is remove fall the bloatware including all of the stock apps. If you have been using these apps for a while you have probably become pretty used to them. SlymHyde keeps all of the stock apps, but does remove all of the useless Verizon bloat apps. There are also several optimizations to help with speed and performance.

    This Rom is based on BeansTown's NE9 stock rooted rom. Some rom features include SuperSU by chainfire, performance improvements, image quality improvements, video quality improvements, battery conservation improvements, slimmed down, busy box, bash, squlite3, Download booster, native call recording, camera sound toggle in camera settings, viper4android audio, disable verizon installer popup, and interface mods.
    Interface mods include an available dark theme, hidden toggles, Android L UI sounds, removed power sound, Samsung GS5 bootanimation without verizon branding, all white quick settings tiles, and more! Head to the link below for download and install instructions.

    Via XDA
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