[ROM] Vanir AOSP makes its way to Verizon HTC One!

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    A few weeks ago we announced that the Verizon HTC One had received an S-Off Method. This meant that Super CID could be changed and the bootloader could be unlocked paving the way for running a custom recovery, rooting, and flashing roms! The latest rom to make its way to the newly hacked VZW HTC One is Vanir! Vanir by developer "SonicXML" was one of the most widely used stock AOSP roms for the VZW Galaxy Nexus. This Rom is mostly about fine tuning and optimizing the stock Android 4.3 experience. It is nice that it totally does away with HTC Sense. This Rom totally removes all bloat and sense. You get pure stock vanilla Android plus some extra features.

    Features include Status bar customizations (quick settings, customize clock, battery 1% mod, transparency), Navigation bar customizations (customize buttons and colors, customize height and width, navi ring, transparency), Lockscreen (customizable targets /rotation/widgets/and more, transparency), General Tweaks (Ad blocking, PIE nav, Tablet UI changer, Theme chooser, Bravia Engine 3.0, Custom Carrier text, custom backlight, expanded desktop, extended power menu, ota updater), Application Tweaks (selectable gtalk, expanded phone, expanded mms, camera, functional sound recorder, Koush's superuser, vanir keyboard), Performance manager (Processor governor and speed, voltage control, i/o scheduler, disable boot animation, enhanced recent menu), Sound (beats audio, quiet hours, DSP manager, volume wake) Butter (compiled with linaro keychain for extra speed, optimized and tweaked for ultimate performance!)

    Download Nightly builds and Gapps at the link below

    Via RootzWiki
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