[ROM][Unofficial] Slim Bean v6.9

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    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages on your device.


    Original Slim Features:

    1. The Real Dark Slim
    2. Notification drawer Shortcuts
    3. Full hardware key rebinding!
    4. Keyboard rotation
    5. SlimCenter

    Check out our full feature list here

    Find our latest Changelog go here

    I am building this rom from Slim's sources so any features they include will also be in this rom when synced.

    I DO NOT own a Samsung S3, that being said i have not tested this, i might be able to have someone test but right now its not tested.

    Installation instructions
    For Most Users
    Please keep in mind if a special instruction is needed it will be noted in the Changelog

    • Download the latest build
    • Addons ( if you don't have it already) from [here]
    • -Recommended- Full wipe, and manual format /system
    • Flash ROM and the addons you want
    • Reboot

    Download- http://hive-hosting.org/5~f

    Slim Gapps - Downloads - Addons
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