Rom-Stock Motoblur 6.16.206 (ICS LEAK) For SafeStrap

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    Droid 4 users have alot to look forward to in the way of ICS Rom development for their devices. Development has pretty much been at a stand still for this device. HashCode has made it a little easier to develop. He has compiled a fully stock build of the ICS leak .206 that can be flashed via Safestrap. Chances are that you will never use this, but the theory is that this will make for a nice base that developers can add their custom mods and tweaks to really make this device shine! Also this could be an option at updating your ICS build in the future. You could just flash the updated safestrap build instead of taking the full OTA. Hashcode has taken the liberty of disabling "Qe" which logs all of the differences in the current OS compared to how it comes from Motorola. This has been removed to kill lag on bootup and also to take away privacy invasoin. This build has been pre-rooted, busy box is updated, it has been configured to be used with Safestrap, and Superuser.apk has been added.

    To flash this if you wish to do so you only need to be on any MOTOICS leak (.200, .206, or .208), you need to be rooted with busybox, and Safestrap v2.0 to flash)

    Grab this Rom or just bookmark the thread for further development

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