[ROM] [ROM] RMK Gingerbread Sense r1 :: 2.18.605.3 (Rooted/Deodexed/Debloated) [7/9/11]

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    --All credit goes to rmk40 at XDA--

    Original Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1161411

    This is a flashable ROM from generated from Football's RUU_Vivo_W_Gingerbread_S_VERIZON_WWE_2.18.605.3 release (it is NOT the final FOTA, a newer one is coming) with the following set of changes:
    Rooted with insecure boot, Superuser and su.

    Deodexed and recompressed using my scripts and tools.

    Busybox installed in /system/xbin.

    Removed 45MB worth of bloatware applications: AdobeReader | Blockbuster_Stub_HTC | BooksPhone | BugReport | CityID | com.mobitv.client.nfl2010 | HtcFeedback | HtcResetNotify | Kindle-OEM- | LetsGolf2 | NewBayVault_4_3_0_8_Market | NFSShift | Skype_mobile. | SlackerRadio | teeter | VCast | VCAST_Music_3_72_107 | VCAST_Tones_4_5_2 | VzNav | VzWBAClient | VzWBAService | VZWInstaller | VzwLBSPerm | VZW_MyVerizon | VZW_VCastVideos

    Added support for /system/etc/init.d startup scripts.
    There are no other changes. Just to be blindingly clear, this is NOT Virtuous; although a future version of Virtuous may be based on this ROM. Anyone building ROMs is welcome to use this as a base. Thanks to Football for continuing to provide us with the latest RUUs.

    Disclaimer: This is a one-time release. Unless a problem can be identified with the changes mentioned above (rooting, deodexing, etc), it will not be updated or supported. In other words, use this as-is or find a ROM which uses this release as its' base if you would like support and/or expect to see changes.

    Download ROM
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