ROM PacMan Has Been Ported To The Droid RAZR HD!

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    Now that the Razr HD is unlocked you can flash Roms to your device with ease! If you are flash happy like me you are constantly looking for new stuff to run on your device. PacMan is a rom that could potentially end the search. PAC stands for ParanoidAndroid/AOKP/CyanogenMod. So you could probably guess that this rom is packed with features. It brings all of the main features from each of the top 3 roms to your device in one Rom! There is no need to have some features while missing out on others. This Rom features Hybrid UI, Per APP DPI, Per APP Color PIE Controls, Open Source Camera HAL, cLOCK, Hardware Key Control, Any Widget on Lockscreen, and much more!

    This Rom has now been ported over to the Droid RAZR HD by dev "BKjolly" with the help of Dhacker and Hashcode! It is still considered as an Alpha build. The rom is said to be Rock stable even though there are a few missing parts. Of course these missing parts will arrive shortly with upcoming updates. Check out this Rom at the source link below!

    Via Droid-Hive
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