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    I've purchased a htc droid incredible and am turning it into a dedicated emulator. I need to know which rom and kernal to gain maximum performance since I was hoping to be able to use the n64oid emulator. All the searches I did had dead links due to the age of this phone. I gained root with unrevoked3 and am not sure if I need to continue with unrevoked forever.

    Battery life is not an issue, if there is a kernal that disables the calling function hardware to increase performance that would be awsome. There will be no apps except for web, video, camera and emulators. It will need to keep Bluetooth and wifi. I would like it to be the barest bones youve ever laid a tooth on.

    I will be keeping it plugged in most of the time and use ps3 controllers and it's tv out function. I was at the site and am having problems translating the kernals on the download page. The phones running android 2.2 with the clockwork rom. Thanks for any help.
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