[ROM] Nightly AOKP for Droid 4 on MOTO ICS Leak!

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    It didn't take long for developers "Hashcode" and "DHacker" to start pumping out custom Roms for the newly leaked ICS on the Droid 4. Yesterday we announced CM9 unofficial nightlies, and today we announce AOKP nightlies for this super cool device! For those of you unfamiliar AOKP is pretty much the new standard in Rom development. It includes lots of unique customizations in the Rom Control box including custom app nav buttons, custom toggles in notification bar, custom color choosers for just about everything, customized clocks, customized lockscreens, performance options, weather widgets, and much more! To run this Rom you will need to be rooted, you will need to already be on a ICS leak, and you should be running Safestrap v2.0.


    These are nightly builds so far and you can expect some kinks and bugs to begin with, but this is still functional enough to use as a daily driver in my opinion.

    What is working?
    -4G and basic phone functions
    -all censors
    -Camera, Panorama, and Face-Unlock
    -Video Recording
    -HD Youtube

    What is not working?
    -CM9 built in wifi tether isn't working, so just use wifi tether app that is included for now
    -Rotation bug (minor)
    -Data connection works better, but some users will need to still go and toggle to GSM only back to LTE
    -bluetooth bug
    -Caps Lock key inop
    -Home capacitive button inop

    These minor bugs should be easier to squash with an official ICS build from MOTO. This Rom is worth flashing for sure!

    Grab the Rom here and discuss

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