[ROM] MOAR Mother Of All Roms Ported To Verizon Galaxy S3!

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    MOAR is a rom with plenty of unique features. It has now been ported over to the Verizon Galaxy S3 thanks to developer "NeWCuLTKING". This is a very feature rich rom which gives you ultimate control over your phone. This rom includes buttery smooth performance, all kinds of build.prop, battery, and csc tweaks, 4in1 reboot menu, volume track skip mod, floating note2 keyboard, all apps mod multi window, 8 unique lockscreens to choose from, ripple effect bug fix, 25 MOAR custom wallpapers, Modded camera with volume rocker shutter, GS4 icons and sound options, GS4 photo editor, totally debloated, 9 launcher choices including PIE control and GT Prime, and MOAR!

    Morphology is included in this Rom as well. Morphology gives you an unlimited amount of theming options. There are 30wasabiWa83 themes baked in. Wifi Tether is built in, new ink effect, aosp lockscreen with wether, and so much more is included with MOAR. Grab this rom from the source link below.

    Grab This Rom And Discuss Here
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