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Discussion in 'Project Elite' started by Timberwolf, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I am not completely use to ROM Manager yet, but I noticed that it looks like most of the ROMs displayed seem to be out of date. I was just tinkering around a little bit in the settings and I enabled Web Connect. It says I can now add updates from the forums if it is supported. So a few questions I have are 1. Is it supported for PE? How can I tell? 2. How can I add it in ROM Manager, or any other ROM page? 3. Is there something I need to do to get the list of ROMs they have updated? Thanks for any help here.

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    as far as i know, PE is not included in RM, and would not be supported by the web connect feature. you can't update the roms list yourself - the app dev'r does that.

    as an aside, i tell everyone who asks not to use RM for installing roms, anyway - regardless of whether they are listed or not. RM is known for being glitchy re: rom install. since you are installing a whole new OS, you want the process to be glitch free. I ALWAYS dl the rom (and theme and kernels, for that matter) to my sdcard, and then install manually thru recovery. hardly ever have any problems. here is my process:

    1. backup your apps with TiBu (or thru Astro)
    2. create a backup/nandroid of your current rom (so you have something to fall back on if you experience any serious problems flashing a new rom)
    3. boot into recovery
    4. wipe data/factory reset
    5. wipe cache
    6. go into partitions menu, and format boot and format system.
    7. install rom zip from sdcard
    8. reboot
    IMPORTANT – after you sign into Google, and Google syncs all of your data, do not use your phone until the market completely downloads all your apps. let it complete the process before flashing any themes, kernels, whatever [OR, at this point, you can use GLD's process for restoring apps after initial rom install - it is a tried and true method, as well:]

    9. boot into recovery
    10. flash theme (if you desire something other than stock)
    11. reboot
    12. boot into recovery
    13. flash kernel (if you want something other than the stock kernel)
    14. reboot
    15. enjoy!